’47 Days” First Look Poster Motion Poster

Newcomer boys are also trying to capture the new concepts of the industry along with the auditors. In the case, they are not going to film. Just the first look is going to be very innovative and very careful. Satya Dev, Pooja Jhwari and Roshan Prakash are playing the lead roles of ’47 Days’ (‘The Mystery Un Folds’) Even when you impress everyone. First Look has come from the K. Industry. The first Look Motion Poster released on Dussehra is the first look released as a recent look, Motion posters show that the film is going to be very new. Film Nagarjuns are the creators of the film. The crew is a thriller thriller with the gripping screenplay.
Pradeep will be supporting this movie as a director. Satyadev is the hero of the movie with Jyothilakshmi and Ghogi. The response to the motion poster was very happy and it was announced that the promotional trailer would be released shortly after the release of the producers Dabbar Shashibhushan Naidu, Raghu Kunchi, Sridhar Mahoda, Vijay Shankar Dunkada.
Satya Dev, Pooja Jhaveri, Roshan, Ravi Varma, Big boss Hariteja, Irfan, Baby Akshara, Srikanth Iyengar, Mutter Khan, Satya Prakash, Kireti and Ashok Kumar are playing the lead roles.
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Production Executive: Nanaji Petta, PRV: Suresh Kumar, Publicity in Charge: Vishwa Sim, Lyrics: Bhaskar Bhatta, Lakshmi Bhupal, Vishwa, Prabhakti Designers: Anil Bhan, Script Assistants: Kiran Katta, Harish Sajja, Choreography: Nixon Decruise, Stunts: Stunts Sri, Art Director: Brahmakadali, Editor: SR. Shekhar and music: Raghu. Cinematography: GKK, Co Producer: Anil Kumar Sohani, Producers: Dabbar Shashibhushan Naidu, Raghu Kunchi, Sree Dhartharanta, Vijay Shankar Dunkada, Story, Story, Dialogues, Direction: Pradeep Gandaki.