Na Love Story First Song Launch Matter & Stills


Encouraging the new Talent .. Mahindhar and Sonakshi Singh are introduced as hero heroines by Ashokini Creations banner on G Lakshmi, K. ‘My Love Story’ is produced by Seshagiri Rao. The music director of Vidya Niwas in Hyderabad Radio Mirchi, director Shiva Gangadhar, hero Mahadeadh and heroine Madhu in the film are playing the heroine Madhu in this film. Love duet between hero and heroine .. Song was released.

Hero Mahidhar said, “Special thanks to Director Shiva is being introduced as a hero to me with this movie. Until the film is better, Siva took my mama. The passion of the film is like that. My Love Story is going to enjoy the audience of all sections. The lyrics by Bhuvanchandra wrote that the song is very fantastic and the song is well-received in the film and the song was shot in Bangkok.

Director Shiva said, “My love story, this is a romantic family entertainer. The film is going to be a delight to all the audience of the audience. I think this is the opportunity of putting Ashwini Creations banner. It is a very good movie for youth. Every girl should see this picture. So far, no one has touched a new point in trying to make a new one in this movie. ”

The music director said, “It is a pleasure to release the music that I had composed by Aditya Music in Radio Mirchi. The songs are also very good. The entire album has four songs. Each song is very different. I hope the audience will appreciate the film. ”

“Thank you very much for Shiva, the director who gave me a very good character in the film. Very good acting from everyone. It is true that many of the actors in the movie Mahindar live in. Shiva is very good director with this movie. ”

Actors: Mahindhar, Sonakshi Singh, Gadapalli Madhu, Sivanarayana, Chamkumar Chandra, DV and some new actors will also be introduced to the silver screen by promoting a new talent.

Technical experts
Cinematography: Kiran
P.O.O. Gandla Srinivas (GS Media)
Editor: Nandamuri Hari
Music: Vedic Nivas
Dialogues by Malkari Srinivas
Banner: Ashwini Creations
Co-director Sethupathi
Director: G. Shiva Gangadhar