After the release of “Prema Katha Chithram” horror comedy became a hot genre in Telugu Cinema Industry. Following PKC, many horror comedies were released like Geethanjali, Boochamma Boochodu, Raju Gaari Gadhi, Tripura etc. But only some of them were able to impress the audience.

Now we have Lovely Rockstar Aadi’s “Next Nuvve” being played on Big Screens, let’s see how far it succeed in generating immense comedy through horror.

Next Nuvve Movie Review

Cast: Aadi, Vaibhavi, Brahmaji, Rashmi Gautham
Director: Prabhakar
Producer: Bunny Vaas


Kiran (Aadi), a serial director by profession who lives along with her girlfriend Smita (Vaibhavi) gets into a financial crisis. At the same time, he gets to know that he is the rightful heir to a creepy palace at Araku bought by his father (Posani Krishnamurali). To escape from the financial issues, he turns the palace into a resort with the help of Sharat (Brahmaji) and his sister Rashmi (Rashmi Gautham). But the problem starts when the resort visitors start dying in a mysterious way. Who are they? What causes their death? Is there any negative spirit inside the resort? How the hero & co escaped? Second half answers these questions!


First of all, the story and treatment seemed very routine with no freshness at all. Moreover, the story didn’t answer about the ghost’s origin and past. Initially, it started well but later on director couldn’t hold the audience with the same grip. Even though it’s a debut film to director Prabhakar he succeeds in generating some comedy but failed partly to make it a perfect horror comedy as a whole.

When it comes to performances, Aadi did it well with better expressions than his before’s. Bramhaji got a good role that can impress the audience. Nothing much to say about the heroine. Jabardasth fame Rashmi has no importance in the story except for glamour scenes.


Bramhaji & Raghubabu’s Comedy

Rashmi Gautham


Routine Story


Movie Maxima Rating: 2.5/5

Final say: Yet another horror comedy…..