SRT Entertainments started preparations for its Third movie in their banner. Vidhya Sagar will direct this movie and producer Ram Thalluri told that auditions will be conducted for boys of age 23 to 27 years and for the girls of age 18 to 22 years. 1-year baby girl plays a major role in the story and this baby girl will also be selected through auditions.

The producer said on this occasion, “with the intentions of encouraging new talents along with top heroes and directors SRT Entertainments Banner was started. So, as a part of this initiative, we have decided to start a movie in the direction of Vidyasagar with new faces. We will select the candidates for hero and heroine rolls along with the 12 months old baby girl. Those who want to act in this new age romantic comedy movie will have to send their recent portfolios, a dance video clip (one minute) and an acting video clip (one minute) to our email We will select candidates for the auditions based on their performance in the video clips. On the other hands, we will also produce a film with Ravi Teja in the direction of V.I. Anand. Those details will announced soon.