Child artist Teja to debut as a hero!

Master Teja is very popular child artiste in Telugu as he played various roles in films. His popular roles in Yuvaraju, Tagore, Indra, Samba, Bachi & others are well-known. Especially, his role in Indra is most memorable one in his career.

Now, the latest is that he is going to debut as a hero soon. Bekkam Venugopal is producing the film and debutante director Hari is going to wield the megaphone for this film. The movie launch will take place on September 15 and Sunny MR who scored tunes for Uyyala Jampala and Swamy Ra Ra is providing tunes.

As a child artiste, he is popular and hope, he will create the same impression as a hero with his debut film. More details of the movie will reveal soon.