Detective One of the best movie of my career – a mass hero Vishal 

Vishal Vishal Film Factory is presenting the hero as a hero in the direction of mass jihari miskin built suspense and action entertainer ‘Detective’. All the programs have done this in order to be released on November 10, the producer of the film is planned jihari. During a press conference on Sunday to set up a Vishal hero, heroine, Andrea, producer Gary, attended the dialogue writer Rajesh emurti. The …
Speaking at a mass hero Vishal – ” a thriller, entertainment last. For me a good name as an actor, a producer of the film was a good collection. Tamil month of October, “tupparivalan titled release in Tamil was more successful. About miskingari separately mention the director ..

He fights, he composed for the film was totally different vyaktii. Abhimanuluntaru usually Heroku. Expectations are a few becomes the hero of the film’s release. Expectations are that the movie will come good opening. But the director of the film, especially abhimanuluntaru miskin. If such a film, a director, I citramavutundanipincindi memorable. Miskingari have been thinking in the direction of the work of eight. But it was not followed. In the end, it was after eight. I thought four or five lines, but not like before. Finally, the concept of the detective said miskingaru loved this line. My friend, the role of the actor in a placid. The film is the Hollywood Standards. Immanuel role of the good. Oh, to be a character in the film Lady in shades of gray. No one came to mind when it bid alocistenaku Andrea. Tanaite felt that the role of the justice. Anukunnatlugane he did justice to the role. I know who he is difficult for the film. Piccagaram have a place to shoot the climax of the fight. There is also kalpincalem minimum facilities. In such a place, Andrea played the dirty water. It is one of the best movie of my career. Telugu adiyensku gives a new feel. We are planning a sequel to the film next year. Vinay plays the villain of the devil. Bhagyarajgaru also appeared in the role of a negative touch. The main asset was the background score for the film. The main role of the media will be the success of Telugu cinema. It is assumed that the hero of the film promotions varinti bierajugaru ” he said. Vishal has not yet answered the questions of the media representatives. Telugu, Tamil okesari prasnakusensar get asked why it would not be released to become a big problem. Change Films have now Mumbai sensor. Sadhincadamanetattuga sadhincadamante degree certificate to become certified sensor. Besides English, we would like to release the film in time for the big hero of the film is rilijku. In the case of the theater, said it samasyaluntayani.

“Mersal ‘(Adhirindhi) in the case of the film to a question about the government’s response to the issues can not be accepted by the Central Board of Vishal matladutuo Censor. All of the political parties involved in the dialogues of the film are in the middle of the building towards the end of the sensor is only required to present the certificate. Migaladuannaru Nothing to see the film. When asked about the fight to combat piracy on matladutupairasi Vishal’s very interesting to me. However, the success of piracy sadhistanane believe that one day, he said. Asked why the villain natincarane matladutunaku negative role in Vishal had wanted to do for several days in mind. Mohanlalgari it ‘villain’, the film is up. He expressed kallatone gestures. It is very difficult to act in such a great actor. My fear was in rather than out-door. The “villain” of the film, the role of the kanapadatanu akrosanto. The film is in Tamil, Telugu and will be released in December. Wait for the script to make the prasnistemanci’m straight Telugu film. English will be the beginning of the movie is going to be straight. Asked about the impact of the GST films, Vishal cebutusentral to check against the government are in talks. Recently, the hotel, with the Central Government of the men and 12 per cent jiestini if reprajent. Also said that we wanted to do with such a Representation. When you have a question politics Vishal badulistuprastutam are good films. Also earn good money. Currently, two laksaluntundi MLA salary. That should be good for the money cestuprajalaku nalaiphnu lead. It appeared to be good for people to be on the day when the power of politics, said Vishal vastanantu.

Vishal mass hero, named Emmanuel, Andrea, placid, kebhagyaraj, Simran, John Vijay, Abhishek Shankar Prakash has composed the music played an important role: arol korelli, cinematography: Karthik Venkatraman, songs, dacalla app, the words: Rajesh A. Figure, producer: jihari, story, screenplay and direction miskin.