Devisree Prasad is doing a good job – Dhanraj

‘Devisree Prasad’ is a film that is being produced by Yashwant Movies under the Roe Creations banner. Pooja Ramachandran, Bhupal, Dhanraj, Manoj Nandam are the lead actors and Shri Kishore is the director. D. Venkatesh, RV Raju, Aakrosh producers. The film will be released on 17th November. On this occasion ..
Dhanraj said, “This cinemile heroine Pooja Ramachandran has made me the main roll. I, Bhupal, Manoj Nandam .. Minoram starring in the lead roles. If Manoj Nandam plays Bhupal, Prasad in the role of Devi, I will appear in Sree Pradeep. There are about thirteen heroines of the story before Pooja Ramachandran. But Pooja Ramachandrantha was asked to act as soon as he heard. Pelaa Ramachandran’s name is Leela Ramachandran. He has acted in the film as heroine. The film revolves around six characters. Tarun, Prince and others have seen the film premiere. We made the film in a very low budget. When it comes to my kaqator, I look like a moribund van van driver. Movie teaser and trailer are all those who are watching a movie and raping the body? “He said. But if the film is not seen, Valkarity does not seem to be anywhere. It is the cinema of youth .. but not the movie. Director Shri Kishore is very cautious. This film can not be imagined without him. The film was screened in 15-20 days with Perfect Planine. Eighty per cent of the film was shot in the mortuary room. Even though the different titles are not intended before … Finally, the title of Devisri Prasad is good as well. Music director Devisri Prasadagari got a good craze after our name. That’s why we did not miss his name. The films ‘London Bambles’ and ‘Devisree Prasad’ have been relegated to this Friday. Nominal emotional role in the London papers. That’s what Dadiraj Prasad is doing, but Dhanraj will do any role, “he said.