I am fearless in real life: Shalini Pandey

Getting succeeded in the film industry is not an easy task for newcomers. Recently released Arjun Reddy has turned to be a blockbuster hit at the box-office and running well at all centers. Besides its success, it has caused many controversies due to its bold content. Although censor board has given a nod for releasing without troubling about kissing scenes, many political leaders stood against the film for its content.

Speaking about the career, heroine Shalini Pandey who played a female lead in this film said, she had to face many struggles in the beginning of the career. She has also revealed that her father was fully against her wish of becoming an actress and asked her to pursue IT profession. But she went to Mumbai and mailed her father that she would never ask him a penny.

“Like Arjun Reddy, I am fearless in real life. However, I should say thanks for my father and helped to be bold enough to build my career,” says Shalini.