Cast: Varun Tej, Sai Pallavi, and Sai Chand

Director: Sekhar Kammula

Music: Shakthikanth Karthick

Producer: Dil Raju


Sekhar Kammula, who delivered smash hits in the form of Anand and Happy Days, has come up with a cute love story which has been titled as Fidaa. It has hit the screens today. Varun Tej and Sai Pallavi played the lead roles. Let’s check the content and performance of the actors.


Varun Tej is an NRI, who comes to the village in Telangana for attending a marriage ceremony of his brother (Raja). He happens to meet Bhanumathi who is the sister of a bride. Beautiful love blossoms between Varun and Bhanumathi during this wedding ceremony.

But, a few unexpected situations create a gap between them and drift apart. A few months later, Bhanumathi comes to the USA as her sister lives there. Here, the story resumes between Varun and Bhanumathi once again. Will they get married or not, you should watch on the big screen.


Fidaa might be a love story but the entire story revolves around Sai Pallavi than Varun. Sai Pallavi’s performance is up to the mark and enjoyable. Her countenance and histrionics are outstanding. She lived in the role and impressive as Telangana girl.

Varun Tej has done superbly as an NRI. He did his part. Sai Chand’s comeback is notable and he has bright chances to get father roles from now on. Sathyam Rajesh is neat in his character.



Sekhar Kammula has proved his directorial skills once again by taking breezy romantic drama. The film might be having a heroine dominated script but Varun Tej’s performance as an NRI is ultimate. Everyone feels that Fidaa is a cool and touchy film after a long time to watch on big screen. The first half of the film is simple and neat. But, when it comes to second half, it is filled with emotional drama. The audience might feel tedious at many scenes as the story moves at slow pace. Moreover, the story is predictable. Sekhar would have worked out the climax in a better way. However, it is a good film to amuse all sections of audiences.


The cinematography is commendable as he shot every scene beautifully. Especially, scenes that shot in the USA are very eye-pleasing. Of course, he equally handled the camera to showcase the Telangana culture. Music is the major asset for the film and songs would stimulate your ears too. Sekhar Kammula’s direction is admirable. Production values are rich.

Final Say:

On the whole, Fidaa is a decent romantic love story between an NRI and village girl. But, it works out well in multiplexes than B and C centers.