GauthamiPutra Satakarni movie review

GauthamiPutra Satakarni is a heroic Historical film directed by Krish Jagrlamudi and let’s see how the film has come up.


GauthamiPutra Satakarni is the story of one of the most powerful kings belong to Shatavahana dynasty in India. Story starts with war sequences and how Indian King defeated Greek Kings during old ancient days. Krish showcased the film in a spectacular way.


Nandamuri Balakrishna is one of the major asset for the movie. He acted with such an intensity that audience see Gauthamiputra Satakarni in Balakrishna. Dialogues in the war scenes uttered by Balakrsihna fired like crackers and gave goosebumps to fans. Shriya as Vasista Devi and Hemamalini as Gauthami Devi did their jobs very well. Production values are extremely good. Krish’s way of handling the story is very powerful as a director.

Minus Points

Krish is known to direct films with strong drama. Compared to his films Gauthami Putra Satakarni was a disappointment in that perspective. Balakrsihna make up was little odd in some scenes. Supporting cast should have been better. Movie is less dramatic and concentrated high an action sequences.

Technical Aspect

Saimadhav Burra’s dialogues in this movie will be remembered long time in tollywood. The costumes and all the various props used for the war look realistic. The war scenes could have been trimmed a bit.

Final Verdict

GauthamiPutra Satakarni is a must watch movie which show cased telugu cinema standards to whole world. It is a good movie with high technical standards and is a visual treat for balayya fans.