Goutham Nanda Movie Review – 3/5

Cast: Gopichand, Hansika, and Catherine Tresa

Director: Sampath Nandi

Producers: J. Bhagavan, J. Pulla Rao

Music Director: S. Thaman


Actor Gopichand, who has been desperately looking for a hit is pinning on Goutham Nanda directed by Sampath Nandi. Hansika and Catherine Teresa played female leads. Today, this movie has released with a huge number of theaters in both Telugu speaking states. Let’s check the content and performance of the cast.


Gautham Krishna (Gopichand) is the son of a rich man. He enjoys life fullest with friends all the time. But, he is known to people with the identity of his father which he does not like. So, he decides to end his life. He happens to meet a man called Nanda Kishore who is pauper and looks same as Gautham. So, they exchange their characters for a month. But things will not be so favorable and you need to watch rest of the film on big screen.


Gopichand lived in the character of rich as well as a pauper. Hansika is cute while Catherine is glamorous. Mukesh Rishi is okay and Sachin is neat in his role. Chandra Mohan and Seetha added emotional touch. Vennela Kishore is fine in a comedy role.


This is a wonderful story made films many times in several languages. Originally, it was written by Mark Twain. Senior NTR’s film Raju Peda and Balakrishna’s Apoorva Sahodarulu made on the same story. Both are a blockbuster hit. Now, Tollywood director has tried his best making some changes to the basic plot. Director has taken enough time to introduce both the character first. When it comes to pauper character, he has taken more time which makes audiences tedious.

The first half of the film is not interesting and goes without boring. But, twists in the pre-climax elevate the film and climax is an ultimate. For last 20 minutes, the movie is good enough to draw the attention of audiences.



Director Sampath Nandi’s mark as a stylish making is seen in every frame but less care over screenplay which ruined the main plot. In fact, every scene is superb either in novel or NTR’s film Raju Peda. Thaman’s background score is good but songs are not up to the mark. The cinematography of the movie is an ultimate as every frame looks rich.

Final Say:

It is the best literary master piece that had seen many formats like animated cartoon series, comic books, stage shows, Television serials and movies in several languages. The 1881 novel by Mark Twain was one of the best stories that ever told in modern literature. When it comes to Gautham Nanda, it is okay film to watch during this weekend.