Jayasudha’s husband Nitin Kapoor commits suicide

Nitin Kapoor, husband of senior actress Jayasudha has passed away. According to reports, he committed suicide by jumping from the terrace of an apartment in Mumbai.

Sources say that Nitin Kapoor had been living at his sister’s residence Sea Glimpse, 7 Bungalow in Mumbai. On Tuesday afternoon, he reached terrace and jumped from the apartment and committed suicide.

Police have confirmed that he was mentally depressed and was taking treatment from Kokila Ben hospital in Mumbai. As he was living without a job since 18 years,  got psychosomatics.

He was survived by wife Jayasudha and sons Nihar and Shreayan. Nithin is a cousin of Bollywood actor Jitendra. He produced films like ‘Kalikalam’, ‘Kanchana Seetha’, ‘Handsoff’, ‘Mera Pati Sirf Mera Hai’.