Kathalo Rajakumari Movie Review -2.5/5

Cast: Nara Rohith, Naga Shourya, Namitha Pramod, Rajeev Kanakala, Nanditha and Sree Mukhi, and others

Director: Mahesh Surapaneni

Music: Ilayaraja and Vishal Chandrasekhar

Banner: Aarohi Cinema and Aran Media Works


Nara Rohit is the director’s choice as he easily gets into any character. Although his movies might not score blockbuster hits, he created his own image among audiences. Today, the long-delayed project Kathalo Rajakumari has hit the screens. Let’s find out the content.


Arjun (Nara Rohit) is headstrong film actor who plays antagonist roles. He does not care about his co-stars and leads arrogant lifestyle. But, an accident changes his mindset completely. In order to get back his own nature, he goes to his native place where he grew up. Why did he go to the place where he spends his childhood and how heroine Namitha Pramod is related his life, should be watched on the big screen.


Nara Rohit played two different characters in this movie. His arrogant character is superb and he did it without much difficulty. Namitha did an okay performance but not extraordinary. Naga Shourya’s character is decent but flavor missed in his role. Prabhas Seenu’s comedy is neat.


This movie starts with good note by beautiful childhood episodes and pleasant music. Especially, Nara Rohit’s role has been established very well. But, all sudden, the movie goes into snail pace which will never pick up and changes the mood completely. The beginning of the movie promises to offer something, when it is heading to the interval, it fails to keep it. Namitha could not get into a character which is a major drawback.

Neither Naga Shourya nor Avasarala’s character added flavor to the main theme.  Although good stars were roped in to play roles, the director did fail miserably. Kathalo Rajakumari offers nothing to audiences.



Dialogues are good and cinematography by Naresh is pleasing to the eyes. Songs are good to watch on screen. Maestro Ilayaraja and Vishal Chandershekar did their job well. Editing is okay. Production values are decent.

Final Say:

Kathalo Rajakumari narrates no stuff