Keshava Movie Review -3/5

Cast: Nikhil, Ritu Varma, Isha Koppikar

Director: Sudheer Varma

Producer: Abhishek Nama

Music: Sunny M.R


Ever since the shooting of Keshava has been started, makers have promoted well and especially, the trailer has created huge buzz among film buffs. Finally, this revenge drama has hit the silver screens today and let’s check the content and performance of the cast.


The story revolves around Keshava, who is studying law and aims to kill the entire family those who eliminated his family in a frightful accident. Keshava starts his mission and kills a few. Finally, police department appoints a special officer to handle the case and trace the real culprit who is behind these murders. The rest of the story is how Keshava complete his mission with the help of Ritu Varma.


Nikhil’s performance is ultimate. His spontaneous reactions that he showcased while killing criminals are superb. Matured and settled performance of Nikhil should be appreciated.  Vennela Kishore’s comedy track worked out well and offered a few laughs to audiences.

Ritu Varma looks cute and her character is very unique. She contributed well to elevate the movie. Isha Koppikar fits the bill and did decent job. Anasuya’s voice is apt for Isha.


Keshava might not be a new story as audiences have seen hundreds of movies with the similar storyline. But, the screenplay is the major asset which is commendable to create suspense and make audiences sit on edge of the seats and watch the film till the end card. If Sudheer Varma had taken some more care on the script, it would have connected audiences very well. From the beginning to end, Keshva is Nikhil’s film and credit should go to him for carrying it on his shoulder.

Technical aspects:

Director has shaped out the film in a stylish manner and it is one of the best revenge dramas in recent past. Especially, Diwakar’s camera work is awesome as he shot every scene with time and care. Drone shots during chasing scenes are awesome and amazing. Sunny M R’s music is really good as it carries mood till the end card. Production values are top-notch and the film looks rich in every shot.

Final Say:

Nikhil has proved his acting mettle once again and reached expectations of audiences. This crime thriller is apt for him and good enough to entertain movie lovers. Keshava is finally a stylish crime thriller during this summer.