Kitttu Unnadu Jagratha Movie Review – 3/5

Cast: Raj Tarun and Anu Emmanuel

Director: Vamsi Krishna

Producer: Ram Brahmam Sunkara

Music: Anup Rubens


Raj Tarun is a promising actor in Tollywood and he is enjoying success stint and his upcoming film Kittu Unnadu Jagaratha was released today which is touted to be a comedy entertainer. Let’s find out merits and demerits of the film.


Kittu (Raj Tarun) is a car mechanic and he has to get into the job of kidnapping dogs to pay the debts that he has taken in the unavoidable situation.

Kittu has a lover Janaki (Anu Emmanuel). Her father asks her to leave the amount 25 lakhs bag at his garage to check his honesty.

Unfortunately, the money is stolen by one of the Kittu’s friends. In order to clear the money, Kittu takes a loan from the mafia and pays back to her.

Janaki is kidnapped by mafia don’s brother to get money from her father. Since Kittu is in the job of kidnapping dogs, he kidnaps Janaki’s dog. The entire comedy drama is really good on the big screen to watch.


Raj Tarun did his role without difficulty and he is the key to this film. Anu Emmanuel was wasted by the director. Prudhvi as Rechukka and Raghu Babu as fake Baba are super in their comedy roles. Others have done their jobs well.


Director Vamsi Krishna has chosen a kidnap drama and presented well on the big screen.  Raj Tarun starts narrating his story and how he happens to meet Janaki and turns dog kidnapper. The entire plot is presented well with good comedy. Apart from fun-filled scenes, the story is really interesting. Romance should have taken in a better way as the track is very weak. However, Kittu Unnadu Jagaratha is decent comedy drama.


The direction of Vamsi Krishna is a decent and music is fine. The cinematography is okay and dialogues are superb. The screenplay should be more gripping. Compared to first half second half is not so entertaining. Production values are okay.

Final say:

Kittu Unnadu Jagaratha is enjoyable ride