‘Napoleon’, starring Anand Ravi in the lead role, has been produced by Acharya Creations and Anand Ravi Concept.  Also starring Komali, Ravi Varma, Kedar Shankar, Madhumani, Gururaj and others, the film has been bankrolled by Bogendra Gupta Madupally.  It’s set to do halchal at the box office from November 24th.

Anand Ravi says, “Of all the films releasing this week, I hope that ‘Napoleon’ is going to have the maximum craze going for it.  This product is the result of the sincere efforts of a good team.  Starting out as a small film, it has become a big one now.  It tells the story of a common man who complains to the police that he lost his shadow.  Our entertainer will subject the audience to entertainment.  We are sure that it will definitely impress the audience.  We thank Geetha Arts’ Bunny Vasu garu for the support he is giving us during the release.”

Bogendra Gupta said, “You will find that ‘Napoleon’ has been made with a new concept.  A new team has worked really hard to make this possible.  The output has come out really well.  We are glad that Geetha Arts is supporting us.  We are releasing the film in the US and UK, too.”

Actress Komali said, “I was a practicing doctor before I gave it up to pursue my interest: films.  There was a time when I would watch only those movies that would interest me.  But ‘Napoleon’ has changed my mindset.  I have understood how much effort goes into making a film.  Ours is a distinctly entertaining product.”

Ravi Varma said, “Napoleon will go down as one of my best films in my career.  The film is an emotional entertainer.  It has got a refreshing concept.”

Music director Siddharth Sadasivuni, cinematographer Margal David and others who participated in the event also urged the audience to make ‘Napoleon’ a big hit.