Nenorakam Movie Review – 2.75

Cast: Sairam Shankar, Reshmi Menon, Sarath Kumar

Director: Sudershan Salendra

Producer: Srikanth Reddy

Music Director: Mahit Narayan


Actor Sai Ram Shankar is working hard to get a hit in his career. After facing repeated flops, Nenorakam has hit the silver screens today. We should see whether it offers him a hit to cement his position in Tollywood.

Story :

Gautam(Sairam Shakar) works as a  recovery agent who tries hard to charm Swecha(Reshmi Menon) and lastly wins her heart. Exactly when things appear to go totally fine, Swecha gets kidnapped and Gautam is compelled to perpetrate diverse violations to spare his better half.

Who is this kidnapper? What does he need to do with the couple? what’s more, how does Gautam spare his adoration intrigue? To know more you have to watch a movie on the big screen.


Sai Ram Shankar performs well and a great improvement from his past movies. His execution in pivotal circumstances and the way he defies Sarath Kumar is ultimate. Sarath Kumar is superlative and each and every scene between the stars are good and both impressed pleasantly. Comedy scenes including Viva Harsha are admirable. Rashmi Menon looks great and suits her role. Sarath Kumar is the key for the film.


The main plot is good enough to reach the audience. Comedy track is also enjoyable. But, untimely songs and unnecessary scenes play spoilsport as they come in the middle of serious story narration.  Prithvi’s comic drama is okay but should have executed in a better way as it makes tedious. the director could not engage onlookers amid the primary half and make superfluous tracks and scenes which bore audiences.


Music by Mahit Narayan is really great, however, songs have been set in the wrong time. Camera work is neat and captured the beauty of Hyderabad pleasantly. The direction is decent. The screenplay should have been more engaged.  Production values are rich.

Final Say:

Okey Dokey