Press Release and photographs of the new business venture in fitness sector by Bollywood Actor Randeep hooda and Body building india

Bollywood actor Mr. Randeep Hooda, Co-Owner of Body Building India (BBI), the largest fitness and supplements company in the country during May 2017 launched “Gym 99”, a unique concept of pay and play, for the first time in India. Body Buidling India today has 50 operational stores Pan India.

Gym 99 will provide customers an option to pay just Rs 99 to use best-in-class gym facilities across India. The machines and equipment are imported from Europe and the US and will be from the best of brands including Cybex, Fitline, Life Fitness and Precor etc.
Randeep says suplement is a important diet for a gym lover .suplement plays a important role to make  a good physique. They are also taking many steps to improve the quality of their products .
BBI will expand aggresively and plans to open 10 gyms across India by end of first year 2018-19 with an investment of Rs 15 Crore.
“This new concept of plug and play by Gym 99 by BBI will create unparalleled demand for new audience including college students, housewives, working professionals and short on time businessmen. Many people start to avoid gyms because they can’t adopt to daily workout routine and some can’t dodge work commitments, Gym 99 is meant for them. They are looking to expand to Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata, Pune, Noida and Gurgaon etc.,” Mr. Randeep Hooda, Co-Owner and Brand Ambassador at Body Building India said.
Anyone interested simply needs to pay off Rs 99/-for an hour to avail gym facility. At such an economical price, this fitness idea is revolutionary in nature and shall make people of this country proud and healthy.
Studies have shown that over 90% gym members do not actively go to their gyms due to demanding work. “Gym 99, being India’s first pay-per-workout gym offering fitness lovers an option to pay per workout session, will help individuals in staying fit, without having to subscribe to an expensive gym membership. That’s what is uniquie about our model. Its pure play and play”  said Dr. Ankush Sabharwal CEO , BBI and Gym 99.
Gym 99 would issue workout smart card that would be refilled with hourly session passes by individuals. An individual would buy hourly session pass that would entitle him/her to workout at Gym 99 for an hour.
In India, health and fitness industry is scaling new heights. Men and women both are constantly paying attention to their fitness and leaving no stone unturned. But some still refrain themselves from joining premium gyms because of higher membership fees.