Oye Ninne Movie Review – 2.5/5

Cast: Bharath Margani, Srushti Dange

Director: Satyam Challakoti

Producers: Ch. Vamsikrishna Srinivas

Music Director: Shekar Chandra


Making movies on a shoe-string budget might be easy but scoring a hit is tougher for the makers. For the last couple of years, low-budget films created tremors at the box-office and yet another film Oye Ninne has hit the theaters today. Let’s check the content and performance of the star cast.


Vishu(Bharath) and Ammulu(Shrusti Dange) bring up together. As they grow up with love and hate relationship, they do not realize that they love each other. When Ammulu’s marriage is fixed, they come to know that they are in love. What will Vishu and Ammulu do now? You have to watch on the big screen.


Oye Ninne might be debut film for Bharat but he has done a decent job and he perfectly fits the bill. He has bright chances in Tollywood. Shruthi looks good and emotes well. Comedian Satya played a very nice role and did his part well. Nagineedu once again contributed his best for this romantic entertainer.


Telugu audiences have seen many times such routine stories on the silver screen but director’s narration is neat and director has tried his best to showcase the relationship between the young couple in a good manner with right supporting cast. The movie revolves around the traditional families and emotions.

The film starts with a positive note and decent narration. But, when it comes to second half, director loses the grip on the story and will go haywire. There are many silly and boring scenes which make audiences tedious. Director dragged the film at many places due to lack of quality content. Since the story is routine and watched many times by audiences, it is so predictable and no twists and turns in the story. Director could not hold the chemistry between the lead pair during emotional scenes.


Oye Ninne is a simple story which was shot in a small village backdrop. The cinematographer has shot the scenes beautifully. Music is neat and impressive. Editing should have been very sharp during the second half. The director has proved his directorial skills well but he would have taken a different story than routine love story to reach the expectation of the audiences. Production values are adequate.

Final Say:

Oye Ninne is a routine love story. If you have enough time, you can watch. If not, just ignore.