Sharrath Marar’s Northstar Entertainment Presents Stone Media Films Production ‘Premaku Raincheck’ is in post production process and is expecting to release in August 2018. Premaku Raincheck has already launched it’s theme logo, the Adventure Song lyrical and the Zumba (riddles) song lyrical.
The name of the film with Raincheck in it has created curiosity with the audience. Raincheck is a promise that an offer will be taken later. In a way, deferring the decision without accepting it or rejecting it but by postponing it.
The buzz on Raincheck has caught on with some original interesting content and memes generated with Raincheck, in the social media.
Speaking to the media, the Director of the film Akella Peri Srinivas said “We named ‘Premaku Raincheck’ not to look different or unique but to make the name of film consistent with the story of the film. At the end of the day Raincheck is just another word in the dictionary and can always be understood with a click (google). Even if one does not know the meaning and walks into the theatre, the audience would understand the film, would understand Raincheck and also ‘Premaku Raincheck’. So, prior knowledge or understanding of Raincheck is not necessary for watching the film”
The director gave the plot line and mentioned that it is the story of a guy who believes having romance in office affects career and also affects love. Therefore, the protagonist does not like people having romance in office and he prefers not to have romance in office. In the new office that he joins, he happens to meet a beautiful, smart, intellectually compatible, hard working, loving and affectionate girl. Love grows on both sides. How he complicates his life with his principle by giving Raincheck to love and how the girl’s life gets complicated forms the story. The protagonists work in Adventure Sports Management company. The Director said “The Adventure Sports Management company gave very interesting elements for Romance and the story setting, narration became very unique. For authenticity, we had one full schedule in Uttarakhand for shooting Land, Water and Air related adventure sports activities. In the office, we tried to bring in office humor, that is very interesting to watch”.
The production house released some interesting promos. First, a ‘Premaku Raincheck’ theme logo that is interesting with animated characters and rich music. Adventure song lyrical video has been released with lyrics inspiring to act. Its music is very rich and the music director has used a very different instrumentation. The singing is on a high pitch continuously without dropping the pace. Lyricist Chandrabose took fascination for this song and released a review of the same. He analysed the song in great detail and gave high praise to the lyricist, to the music director and also to the singer. Another video Zumba (Riddles) Song lyrical has been released. Riddles has been used as a backdrop for lyrics. There are five riddles used in the song:
Riddle#1: Heavy from front… not from back
Riddle#2: This Room is without Doors and Windows
Riddle#3: Your weight is because of this
Riddle#4: When I look, it smiles… kisses when I kiss. It does whatever I do
Riddle#5: What goes forward and does not come back?

While we leave you to figure out the answers by listening to the songs, what’s exciting about this song is the way these lyrics are blend into the song and the music that makes you tap your feet. Another interesting aspect of it is that it sung by an African singer Timothy, the choice looks justified considering the different texture and tonality the voice brings to this song.
The film features newcomers Abhilash Vadada, Priya Vadlamani and Mounika Tamanam in the lead roles, the film’s music is by Deepak Kiran and Sarath Guruvugari is the Director of Photography.
The first two songs, Adventure Song and Zumba are in completely different genres and are exciting to listen to. Along with it, the Premaku Raincheck theme music has raised the bar on the expectations on the music. Now, this brings to an interesting aspect. They say it is a love story, the heart and soul of love stories is melody. The real question is ‘Where is the melody number?’ and The Director Akella Peri Srinivas says:’ Coming Soon… Watch this space’.