Prematho Mee Karthik will be released on 17th November.


Three generations of love and affection neat flick Prematho Mee Karthik. Ravinder Rishi argummakonda exposing the film as the director. Kartikeya the film, starring as simrat s being introduced. Shan Rahman audio and video track to be released from the hands of the King’s rather successful Dil dilraju’s going to be released on November 17 by the release of the film. Recently released the trailer dhiyetrikal hrudayalni audience was extremely touching. However, as there are very More sayiprakas ummadising grandiyar as provided cinematography vijaval impresses audiences. Completing all of the activities related to the film will be released on November 17.
The director nodded and said – “ Maestro success from the hands of the Golden Bull Dil Raju is the release of our film, I think our luck. Dhiyetrikal trailer released recently by the good response to all energy to come to our unit. Our image as a feel-good family entertainer with a popular audience. Oh, he might miss his son’s life, leaving the home of his son abroad to disclose Chitra mulakatha attempt. Early life Marutirao senior actors-in-law, Mr. Murli Sharma played a very good role. Related to our film trailer will be released soon. The film will be released on November 17, he said ..
Producer Ashok Reddy said gummadikonda .. love your Karthik trailer for the film has been released related. Got a very good response. Karthik’s hero is my brother, and beyond. Thanks to our overall media helping us. Successful producer of the film will be released on November 17 dilraju-in-law in charge of the film. Said that
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