Prematho mee karthik will be released on 17th November 2017.

‘Prematho Mee Karthik’ is the best film of three generations of love. Ravindar R. Kummakonda is producing this film while Rishi is directing the film. Karthikeya and Simrath are getting introduced as hero heroines. Shaun Rahman provided music. Sai Prakash Umadi Singh Cinematographer, Dil Raja, who has been addressed to the leading producer Suhas, is releasing this film. Priority event was held in Hyderabad on November 11th. The cartoon was attended by leading politicians along with the film unit. Arjun Reddy came up with a bittersweet special as the new trend in the comedy.

Speaking on the occasion, director Rishi said, “This movie is going to make everyone happy. Family Entertainment with Human Relations. Our hero Karthik has done ten films that are very good. Simran is the heroine of the heroine. Magic Shawn Rehman made life. Our image stands as visuals feast. The new film came with new people who worked for the film. My technicians working with me worked for me on November 17th.

Producer Ashok Reddy Gumkonda said, “We love your Karthik picture of love. Our director Rishi is very beautiful. The first time in the first half of Ranjana is the pre-release function .. Thanks to each of us for making such a big success .. Our banner started with the banner Ramanasree Producing made by our eldest brother. Our second film was also started. From KG to PG, we can see this film as a heroine. We are very confident that this film will be released on November 17th.

Actress Pragati said … I’m in the movies from very small ones. There is only a few pictures of experience. I had more experience with this film unit. Karthik came to this function as a mother .. I acted in a very good role in this movie .. as a cousar, as a sister, a wife, a mother, all the ammissions made me with the director. It is definitely worth this picture. Said

Actor Phani said, “I’m in the role of a drunkard in this film. Our director Rishi is a good actor. Karthik has done very well …

Producer Ravinder R. Gummakonda said that our eldest son Karthik is getting introduced as hero. Similarly, I have only done finance. My younger brother is the producer of Ashok Reddy Gumkonda who has brought this film to the film. As well as director Rishi has done a beautiful picture. Similarly, the heroine has a fan in America too. After the release of this film, the big heroine becomes. Visuals and music are good too. The film is being released on 17th November. We are thankful to our prominent producer Dil Raju, thanks to our support.

Heroine Simram said, “I do not think this is going to be a grand entry in Telugu. I feel like luck with Karthik. And it is very nice to find a very good team for my movie. I acted with great people in a good role.

Hero Karthik said, “My film is a good luck for my babies to be a producer. I will act in the film, which means that our total family is all acceptable. Krishnanagar is the hero of the director and I have been doing the role of heroine every day since the last year .. Our family gave me this gift. In my film, I feel like a luck with senior actors like Gollapudi, Murali Sharma and Pragati. I am very happy to have a pre-release function here. The film will be released on 17th November. All of you will be pretty sure that this is our image. “He said Karthikeya, Simram, Gollapudi Maruthi Rao, Sumitra, Murali Sharma, Prithvi, Pragati, Jhansi, Duvvasi, Karamandhi Raghu et al.

Lyrics: Shri Manani, Editor: Madhuri, Artah Harivarma, Cinematography: Sai Prakash Ummudi Singh, Music: Shaan Rehman, Line Producer: Ashokreddi Gumkonda, Producer: Ravinder R. Kumamkonda, Written, Direction: Rishi.