I gave work to one Jai who I came to know is known as Jay kumar without him having any background credentials only out of my habit if encouraging new people which I am known for. Even though his work was below par I gave him numerous chances to prove himself.
I work with assistant writers with whom i continuously bounce my ideas both orally and over mail and this I do with multiple writers and directly depending upon their individual contribution i decide on the credits to be given/not given. Everyone knows I am known for my pathbreakingly original thinking and out of the box ideas and also there were numerous instances where I gave credit to even sources not directly connected to the movie
In such a scenario Jai is one of the various writers whom i used to interact in this manner for over a year or so. Jai was caught multiple times stealing from the office and committing financial fraud and also theft. After many warnings he was removed from office some 8 or 10 months back and now he suddenly surfaced falsely claiming plagiarism towards me ..The written material of God ,Sex and Truth which he put on the public domain which he is claiming to have sent to me is actually either stolen or hacked or passed on to him
The very fact that he put out the script is self explanatory that his intention is of causing harm and not to protect his own property..or else how would he assume from a few lines in a 2.5 mint trailer, that the whole script is that ?
The writing of God,Sex and Truth are in the mails of atleast 15 odd people who worked on the project in various capacities over the past 3 months . In fact God Sex and Truth was conceptualised and I started working on it only in the last 3-4 months, whereas Jay was removed from service some 10 months ago. I kept quiet all this time because I dint want to draw attention to such criminal minded fraudsters
But now I initiated stringent civil and criminal proceedings against him invoking various sections of the Indian penal code and I already reported to the cyber crime division with regard to his criminal activities
Since he was working with me over a long time ,multiple ideas and scripts were bounced off him among many others and a criminal minded guy like him may anytime come and claim ownership on anything like how he’s claiming now..So in the interest of protecting the material which doesn’t belong to him and to make an example of thieves like him I decided to do the above.