Raja Meeru Keka Movie Review -2.25/5

Cast: Taraka Ratna, Lasya, Noel Sean, Revanth

Director: Krishna Kishore

Producer: M. Raj Kumar

Music: Sri Charan


Tollywood audiences have a great quality of receiving movies without looking into budget and star cast. Today, a shoe-string budget flick has been released which was titled as Raja Meeru Keka. Let’s see how the performance of the star cast.


Revanth, Lasya, Noel, and Hemanth are good friends. They lead happy lives by doing jobs. While they are enjoying jobs, a person called Nagaraju comes into their lives and disturbs a lot. What is the issue that creates a problem in their lives and how do they come out should be seen on the big screen.


TV anchor Lasya’s performance is impressive on the silver screen. Although her role is limited, she did a fantastic job and she might get more offers now for sure.

Revanth did an okay job. Noel’s performance is noteworthy and his ease and histrionics are superlative. Mirchi Hemanth’s comedy timing is good enough to offer a few laughs to audiences.

Tarak who was seen on the screen after a short gap in a negative role is really well and his settled performance is neat. Heroine Sarayu is beautiful and wins the hearts of audiences.


Script has been taken from real incidents but when it comes to execution, the director has failed to present on the screen. He might have started the story narration hilariously but loses its grip very soon.

Posani was wasted completely and thirty years Prudhvi’s comedy episodes could not work out. It is a poor narration of director and lack of quality in the script. Finally, the movie ends abruptly.



AV Prasad’s editing in not so proper as there are many unnecessary scenes in the movie. Sricharan’s music is okay and camera work is decent. Production values are average and direction of Krishna Kishore is mediocre.

Final Say:

Overall, Raja Meeru Keka is an average flick