RGV’s ‘Bhairava Geetha’ by Abhishek Pictures

Maverick director Ram Gopal Varma is presenting an intense love story titled ‘Bhairava Geetha.’ The first look of the film is revealed by RGV himself and the lead actors are seen in an emotional mood in the first look poster.

‘Bhairava Geetha’ features Dhananjaya and Irra in the lead roles while the film is being directed by Siddhartha Thatholu, a newcomer. This is RGV’s most expensive film in many years and has action and class struggle backdrop.

Impressed by the content of the film, noted producer Abhishek Nama has acquired the rights and is planning for a massive release under his Abhishek Pictures banner.

‘Bhairava Geetha’ is simultaneously made in Kannada and Telugu languages. The trailer of the film is scheduled for release on September 1st at 1 pm.

Cast: Dhananjaya, Irra
Director: Siddhartha Thatholu
Presented by: Ram Gopal Varma
Producers: Abhishek Nama, Bhasker Rashi
Banner: Abhishek Pictures