RGV’s Lakshmi’s NTR first look

Ram Gopal Varma, who has announced that he would be making a movie on NTR, has unveiled its first look on social media without any hype. Ever since Ram Gopal Varma announced the film Lakshmi’s NTR, Nandamuri camp is in bit tense about the film and content.

We also heard that Balakrishna is trying hard to stop Varma to make the film but he is not heeding his words and making the film. Earlier, Balakrishna wanted to do NTR’s biopic with Varma but fans advised him to change the director so Balayya has changed his mind.

As Varma prepared to do a film on NTR, has continued the work. We need to wait and see will it be any problem for Varma or have easy release the movie at theaters.

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