Rogue Movie Review –  2.75/5

Cast: Ishaan, Mannara Chopra, Angela Krislinzki

Director: Puri Jagannadh

Producer: C.R.Manohar

Music: Sunil Kashyap


Director Puri Jagannath is trying hard to deliver a hit under his belt. This time, he came up with youthful romantic entertainer titled Rogue in which Ishaan and Mannara Chopra played lead roles. Let’s go through the content whether Puri will get his much-needed hit.


Chanti ( Ishaan) leads a simple life and hates women as he is cheated by his girlfriend ( Anjela). After he is disappointed, he happens to fight with one of the cops in the city and breaks his legs. When cop’s family is in a difficult situation, he wants to help them and beautiful girl called Anjali ( Mannara ) is also part of the family.

When things are going well, a psycho (Anoop Singh) targets Anjali and runs after her. Rest of the story is how Chanti saves her from the hands of Anoop is the main plot of the film.


Since Puri is the best director, debutante Ishaan is good at performance and he did well as a romantic hero. Ishaan put his sweat and blood to impress audiences and he has bright chances in Tollywood. Thakur Anoop played as an antagonist and he is good enough to scare audiences on the big screen with his looks and acting skills. Manara Chopra looks superb and scorched the silver screen with her hot presence in romantic scenes.


Puri would have worked on the script as it has many loose ends. There are many scenes which look silly and not so realistic approach to grab the attention of audiences. He designed characters very well but he could not sustain the feel and emotion as it is a half-baked script to present on the big screen. Especially, the second half is tedious and audiences find no interest to watch the movie. The screenplay is not so gripping and misfired at many places. Anoop is ultimate but his character is wasted with the lack of intense scenes. Comedy scenes could offer no laughs to audiences.


 Technical aspects:

Except music remaining all departments are top notch. Stylish camera work, refreshing actors and typical dialogues of puri are good enough. Since the script is not commendable, nothing could help to draw the attention of audiences. Production values are rich.

Final Say:

If you are a fan of Puri, watch it, if not just ignore