“Sapthagiri Express’ more ‘Sapthagiri LLB’ which will be a big hit – the hero Sapthagiri
Comedy King Sapthagiri cinematic celluloid hero Sapthagiri Express Sai Creations Pvt Ltd produced the superhit film producer from the head of the youth. Ravikiran Sapthagiri again producing a variety of movie film Sapthagiri LLB. The film’s teaser was released on Saturday in Hyderabad. Krishna sindhurapuvvu producer of the show, entertains with the teaser that was released. The …
Jayaprakash Reddy – ” all star in the comedy short Comicize Sapthagiri’s ending. “Sapthagiri Express,” the film’s success in the now ‘Sapthagiri LLB film coming before us. But I have a good character. Dr. ravikirangaru producer. Ayanento busy professional, even if the films are good films, with the entry of the interest in this field. He wants to achieve success in the construction of large rupondutonna this film, “he said.
Dialogue King Sai Kumar said – ” I have done this in the middle of a movie, “Sapthagiri LLB ‘. ‘Reigns’, ‘common’ after the character in the film have the range. I am the reason for me to convey to the new dubbing. Hero is a very fine Sapthagiri. IT department has its stronghold in the direction he wants to take the good stories. Plunges anew the quest to do everything. The new look of the film, appears stylish. Sean seemed to be as challenging. Perfect planning is ravikirangaru film. Charan has long been a very good relationship with the director. He would have been the director. Became the director of this film. Well, is this film. It was a good team. It was all the emotions of the film. Igoyist the film was in the role of a lawyer. The film gets close to a lot of common menki Sapthagiri ” he said.
Ravikiran producer said – ” after the film to express Sapthagiri needs a debate. Heard a lot of scripts. Do not like anything. Jolly LLB at the time of the release of the film in Hindi cinema Loved cusama. The film won with a huge rate. The message of the film is good. Carry heavy character in the film was well saptagari. Sayikumargaru character is great. He appears Sapthagiri two heroes. The plot of the film, which is preferred. Is the importance of each character. The audience will enjoy the film. We have 50 days to complete the film. Somewhere in the making of the film could not be compromised. The court is set to large and the film has been completed. We have to shoot songs abroad. Paruchuri bradarsgaru true to the film’s dialogue. Carangaru director of the film, is very great. Saptagiriki this film will be a big break. Thanks to everyone who contributed, “he said.
Sindhurapuvvu Krishna said – ” ready to lead Sapthagiri ayipoyindantu work Sapthagiri broke a lot of lip. Success, however, became a hero Sapthagiri. The hero is a good talent. Commercial Sapthagiri’s desire to grow, “he said.
Srinivas said – ” race director working on the film, the role of assistant Sapthagiri. Since then there is a good introduction to our center. Comedian edigipoyadu Sapthagiri romance pic. He has a good grasp of the subjects. This film is a big hit that he wants to achieve, “he said.
Chitra director Charan said – ” full cesesam dubbing. Those who have seen the film say it was much better. Ririkarding held in Chennai. Lawyer sayikumargaru pivotal role in the film. Do not be compromised in making somewhere a good team composed ravikirangaru producer. Sapthagiri better person compasses. He is currently a film for years, promised to me. According to the promise made to me through the movie. Member of Parliament and a member of the judge’s role in Srinivasa. Entertains Sapthagiri appeared competitive, “he said.
Ravipudi Anil said – ” from 2009, which is allied to saptagirito. Saptagari Sapthagiri brand to be created. Sapthagiri friend, I’m happy. He would still have to grow mancisthayiki. Teaser very good, ” he said.
Hero Sapthagiri said – ” I have to do any movie after Sapthagiri Express, one needs ravikirangaru thought. Then I said to a subject. But it was a huge budget movie. Movie as much as the rest of the budget, is going to take a different movie. Fancy Jolly LLB at the time liked watching dakkincukunnarayana rights. Charan is revised to fit the film in Telugu netivitiki shot well. This film was my belief that this film could nirmatagaru. Thanks ravikirangariki. Boman Hindi Irani was excellent in the role of the English sayikumargaru. The film is very thrilling. The film was very well. “Sapthagiri Express’ more ‘Sapthagiri L LP’ kodutunnamani confidently say a big hit,” he said.
The heroine of the members of the unit participated in the event, including the Chitra.
Sapthagiri, Sonakshi Verma, entertains daensivaprasad, Shakalaka Shankar, Kota Srinivasa Rao, Gollapudi marutiravu, Jayaprakash Reddy, Ravi Kale, starring the film’s publicity designer Vikram Designs, Production Executive: BIKSHAPATHI THUMMALA, Dance: vighnesvar, Raj Paidi, Fights: Vijay Venkat, in, Joshua, art piesvarma, editing, Gowtham Raju, C. Imatographi: sarangam SR, songs, Ramajogayya Sastry, kandikonda, banisetti Suresh, Lakshmi Priyanka, saying: Paruchuri Brothers, mulakatha: Subhash Kapoor, Music: bulganin, offering: wealth, co-producer: dakevani RK. producer: Dr. Ravikiran, screenplay and direction: lakkakula Charan.