Shamanthakamani Movie Review -3/5

Cast: Sundeep Kishan, Sudheer Babu, Nara Rohit, Aadi

Director: Sriram Aditya

Producer: Anand Prasad

Music Director: Mani Sharma


Director Sriram Aditya’s Shamantakamani has got enough attention from the audiences in both the states as the film has been promoted well. Finally, it has hit the screens and let’s find out the content and performance of the star cast.


The movie revolves around an expensive car named Samantkamani which is belonged to Krishna (Sudheer Babu). One fine day, the car is stolen in Hyderabad city and a corrupt police officer ( Nara Lohit ) is given the task to find out the thieves of the car.

During the investigation, a police officer comes to know that a small time crook ( Sundeep Kishan), Aadi, and mechanic Rajendra Prasad are involved in this case. Whether they are the robbers of the car and why they are suspected in this case is the rest of the story.


It is a product of ensemble cast. Nara Rohit is said to be the best among all as a corrupt police officer. Raghu Kurumanchi who played as a police constable and he offer a few laughs. Sudheer is an outstanding as a rich kid. Sundeep Kishan’s role as an innocent villager is decent and he did a good job. Aadi is simple yet perfect in his role. Rajendra Prasad as usual and superb to tickle your funny moments.



Sriram Aditya’s debutant flick Bhale Manchi Roju was appreciated for his sincere efforts. It was about a girl who will get kidnapped. Now, he has taken a car and prepared an interesting plot. The first half looks bit boring but second half is engaging.

If we compare the Shamanthakamani with his debut movie, it does not reach but making style and some interesting moments are good for watching on the big screen. Director has taken first half to introduce five characters and then enters into the main theme of the film. Finally, twists and turns that lead to climax are impressive.

Besides main leads, Raghu steals the stole with his comedy and timing. Sudheer Babu’s emotional scenes are fine and Indraja’s episode is neat. All in all, Shamanthakamani will work out at the box-office due to its comedy and interesting second half.

Technical aspects:

Sameer Reddy’s cinematography is the major asset as he provides right texture to the film. Mani Shama’s background score is the soul of the film. editing is neat but a few unnecessary scenes which could have been easily trimmed. Sriram Aditya’s directorial skills should be appreciated. Production values are rich.

Final Say:

Shamanthakamani is an enjoyable ride