After Baahubali has turned to be a blockbuster hit and collected unbelievable figures at the box-office, prolific filmmaker Shankar has decided to make a high budget flick with Rajinikanth, has started 2.0 which is a sequel to Robo. Another interesting aspect is, this flick is said to be the highest budget film in Indian cinema.

On the other hand, talented director Sundar C has announced a project which is made on the budget of 400 crore and he has roped in main leads. Now, Robo sequel makers have expanded its budget to 450 crore and they disclosed to media officially. They want to make it as India’s costliest flick ever.

Investing budget is not the issue, ROI is an important aspect. Instead of getting an identity as India’s costliest film, it is better to be identified as India’s best grosser.

What do you say, folks???