ShatamanamBhavathi Movie Review:

Sharwanand last time scored a super hit for sankranthi as Express Raja and once again for this sankranthi came up with Shatamanam Bhavathi. Let us see how the film is.


Movie starts with a village backdrop at Atreyapuram. Prakash Raju (Raju Garu) is living a peace full life along with his wife Jayasudha and Grandson Sharwanand. Jayasudha misses her chinldren children who are living in different countries, and keep waiting to see and spend time with them and their grandchildren. What did Prakash Raj do to make his children back and the adorable love story between Shwrwanand and Anupama Parameswaran is the base story of the movie.


The major plus point for the movie is, it is a clean family entertainer for this sankranthi. Chemistry between lead pair Sharwanand and Anupama Parmeswaran is very good. Visuals are the main attraction of the movie which showcase greenery and village life beautiful. PrakashRaj and Jayasudha pair is the main asset for the movie who played their roles with ease and emotional bonding between them is very good. Naresh with his comedy timing brings laughs in the film. Climax is also one of main asset of the film.


The main plot of the movie is very light. Some comedy scenes are forcibly injected in the movie. Some scenes are little bit boring. The movie is typical family entertainer like many other that have come, nothing much different.

Technical Aspects:

Music is the main asset of the movie. All the songs are superb, thanks to Mickey J Mayer who composed them. All the emotions and locations wonderfully showcased by DOP Sameer Reddy. Editing of the movie is good and Dil Raju production values are good. Now, coming to Director Satish Vegesna, he has done his job very well.

Final Verdict:

This is It is out and out a family entertainer. Perfect movie for this Sankranthi for everyone to watch and enjoy with their families.