Shiva Raja is a man who needs everyone!

Shivaji Raja is a good man. What is his name as an actor? The responsibility grew when the ‘Ma` Movie Artist Association took over as president. Shivaji is a courageous bin Laden. A person closer to all the hearts of 24 branches. If he wants to help him …. he is a difficult man. Did it make it on his own? Or donations from donors. Shivaji is going to approach him to say that the reason is difficult. That is why Shivaji is like a tongue in the head of all in the industry. He has a reputation as a masculine bride. He has already helped many poor people in various ways.

Some of the artists on behalf of the maist artist, as well as filmmakers and actresses stood up to stand up to his family in the wake of the latest film production chief Chiranjeevi’s death. Some of them were paid to the affected family. A total of Rs 8 lakh comes from donors in various forms. In the name of Chiranjeevi children in Andhra Bank, Rs 6 lakhs were deposited in the name of the bank. The remaining two lakh rupees are distributed at the rate of 8,000 per month for two years. 40,000 rupees were awarded to the Chiranjeevi family for the function of the ‘Santosham’ recently. The donations were made only by the presidentship of our ‘Shivaji Raja’.

Speaking on this occasion, Shivaji Raja said, “Our ‘presidents, Shivaji Raja, said,” This is not my fault. Shivaji Raja is doing all the good things because everyone believes that he can do it. And all this is possible because the donors have responded quickly and without delay. I am just a middle word. Thus I became a man in the film industry. It gives me a lot of satisfaction, “he said