Singham 3 Movie Review

Singham 3 has been facing odds postponing for over three months now, the action entertainer has finally hit the screens today. Let’s see how movie received by Audience.

Singham 3 Movie Story

Suriya (Narasimha), the popular aggressive cop, is deputed to Mangalore to investigate a case involving the murder of a police commissioner. Narasimha easily cracks the murder case but finds out that there is a dreaded mafia don behind all this. At the same time, Narasimha also finds out that Vittal is managing his nexus from Australia and is creating huge problems all over. The rest of  story is all about how Suriya dealt with Villain and few episodes with Sruthi Hasan and Anushka forms the rest of the story.


  • Like other Sighma series, the main asset of the movie is Suriya himself.
  • Suriya’s power packed punches and performance is loved by Mass audience
  • Villain Thakur Anoop Singh makes an impressive debut with Singham3 movie
  • Racy screen play of Singham3 was handled well
  • Second half of the movie and elevating scenes have come up very well

Minus Points

  • Story plot is nothing different from previous Singham series
  • Many scenes remind you of Singham 2 movie.
  • Comedy in the movie is not up to the mark. Comedy track doesn’t help much in proceedings
  • High Voltage Action Drama not to be liked by all sections of audience.

Technical Aspects

  • Singham 3 has very good production values. Movie has some great visuals.
  • Action scenes are main asset for the movie.
  • Music is main draw back for the movie, Harris Jayaraj did not live up to the expectations

Final Verdict

Singham 3 Movie is fully loaded with all mass elements. May not be able to attract all sections of audience. Action packed mass movie for mass audience.