Sivaji became emotional at Uday Kiran Memorial Awards event

Tollywood hero Uday Kiran passed away a couple of years back but his memories are still remembered by industry people. On the occasion of his birthday, Uday Kiran Memorial Awards conferred to the winners of Short Film Contest in Prasad Labs, Hyderabad.

Telugu industry bigwigs have attended the event and shared a few moments that they had with hero Uday Kiran.

Speaking at the event MAA Association president Shivaji Raja said, “Film industry is the reason for his death as no one in the industry care for actors who are going through distress.” He was very good friend of mine and he was very good human being. He earned name and fame with hard work and he had no background in the industry.”

“If the industry had supported him during his mental distress, he would have been alive today. But we lost a good actor and human being.” Uday Kiran had good fame and name. Especially, he had a very good female fan following.

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