SPYder Movie Review -2.75/5

Cast: Mahesh Babu, Rakul Preet Singh, S J Surya, and Others

Director – A R Murugadoss

Producer – N V Prasad, Tagore Madhu

Banner – NVR Cinema

Music – Harris Jayaraj


After facing a disaster in the form of Brahmotsavam, Mahesh Babu has joined hands with director A R Murugadoss for SPYder which was made in Telugu and Tamil languages. Rakul Preet Singh has played the female lead and it has hit the theaters today. Let’s check whether it would live up the expectations.


Siva (Mahesh Babu) works in the intelligent bureau. He uses software that will alert him when people are in need. Mahesh uses IB’s access to all mobile phones and with this software; he can trace all criminals to stop doing crimes. But, at one incident, he is not able to save two women from a person who behaves as a psycho. How Mahesh finds him and saves the people from his psycho nature is the rest of the film.


Mahesh Babu as an intelligent officer fits the bill. He impresses as an intelligence bureau officer. But, Murugadoss could not use the potential of Mahesh up to the mark. Rakul got a role that is different from what she has done so far. She is apt and did well. SJ Surya is superlative as a baddie and he steals the show. Others did an okay job.


Murugadoss has good command over scripts which have message oriented and humanity related. When it comes to SPYder, he tried to blend the two in one subject and materialized. Although we find Murugadoss signature making style, the substance has been missed out in this film. Murugadoss should have spent some more time on the script to shape it out.

The beginning of the film interesting as a director has established the mystery and characters. When the story moves to series mood, the film looks like a regular format of the fighting movie between hero and villain. There are too many action sequences which are not necessary and most of the action episodes are boring due to lack of quality in graphics.

There are many interesting scenes but more are boring. Although there is a mark of Murugadoss’s direction, audiences miss out the magic of director on the big screen. SPYder might not reach to all sections of audiences.


The script is fine but it does need some more stuff to fill the gap. Murugadoss has done a fabulous job as a director but due to lack of required substance, it is missing the flavor. Harris Jayaraj got brownie points with unique background score. But songs are not so impressive. Santosh Sivan’s cinematography should be appreciated. Visual effects look very poor. Although the movie has been made with a high budget, it doesn’t look as VFX work lacks the quality.

Final Say:

SPYder is okey-dokey