SPYder Teaser: Raises expectations on movie 

As today is a birthday of superstar Mahesh Babu, makers have unveiled teaser of the SPYder which looks promising and raises expectations on the movie. Murugadoss’s mark is seen in this teaser with the fight against unlawful activities.

The interesting aspect is that director did not reveal who is a villain. Of course, we know that SJ Surya is playing the antagonist. He dubbed his own for this movie in Telugu version. Especially, last dialogue of the hero is ultimate.

By watching the teaser, we can understand that production values are high in this movie and it is said to be interesting for fans and general audiences. Rakul’s role seems to be a stereotype. Background score by Harris is intriguing.  Finally, Mahesh’s SPYder looks like action packed movie. SPYder is scheduled to hit the screens on September 27.

Keep an eye for more updates on this film…