Srikanth film ‘rara …’ audio release

Chaudhary presentation srimitra
The main hero Srikanth as hero, heroine’s film najiya. Viji will be released soon, the film Visions of cherries. The audio was taken during a recent cricket match Ace in Anantapur. Along with the ceremony, the young actors Srikanth, Tarun, Nikhil, Naresh, Naveen Chandra, tarakaratna, along with Prince sampurnes launches, Archana, mumait Khan, gitasing attended the film is expected to be a success.
Speaking on the occasion, Srikanth .. “It’s a horror thriller film with humor. Human, half-demons to trivia games between the elastic film, the audience will viharimpa on entertainment. Thriller comedy horror film, I am for the first time. “Rara” I hope the film audience proffering preferential nocukuntudani said. Our hero, with a friend of Srikanth generating ‘rara’ the film is ready for release. Appealing to all classes of audiences for this film, and soon will be releasing the film producer Vijay said.

Srikanth as hero, heroine najiya ‘Viji Charisma Visions’ other main characters in the film is built on the banner giribabu, Sita, Narayana, Ali, Raghu Babu, Murali posanikrsna, earth, biological, Chandrakant, Adhurs Raghu, Hema, Shakalaka Shankar, and others playing nallavenu.
Music: Rap rock Shakeel, photography, full of stunts, Gill, Director, Editor, Shankar,
Submission: srimitra Chowdhury
Producer: Vijay
Directed by: Viji Charisma uni