Super Response to ‘Khaki’ songs- Grand Release on 17th of this month!

Anyone behind police in the defense of society For the hard work they do, there is no way to get to life. Still, it is always the protection of the people. And how will such a police have a personal life? How to perform a stressful job How does one of us melt into the uniform of the police uniform? How to be spicy How can he coordinate his mind, family, and job? The movie `Khaki` has been shot with such interesting aspects. Kardi has also acted in the movie with a lot of films and Tamil films as well. Glamor Bhamra Rakul Preet Singh is the heroine of the Telugu film and she is the heroine and producer. Aditya Music Company has a great sequence with the sound quality of the audio field and offers the film in Telugu. Aditya Music Pvt Ltd’s Aditya Umesh Gupta and Subhash Gupta are the producers of this film. The latest release of ‘Khaki’ audio is coming with a superb response. The film will release on 17th of this month.
The producers said, “The songs all liked the crew. Gibran is all about music. Every song is enjoying youth. Everyone is happy that every song is trending. Karthi has worked well in the `Khaki` roll. His role as police is a must for Tamil people. We are releasing a massive release on 17th of this month. We are glad to have a good movie for our Telugu film. ”
Director Vinod said “This is a story based on real life events. We’ll be watching so many stories about the police. But it is interesting that the history behind the crime network is very interesting. The audience will definitely enjoy the newness. Aditya is making arrangements for a huge release. Audience will be shown to audiences ‘khaki’.
The hero said, “Every hero has to appear in the role of police. The Tamil Audience has seen me in that role earlier. But the khaki roll to the Telugu audience is new. There is a belief that Telugu filmmakers inviting the newcomer to the film will get involved in this film. Everybody who has seen it becomes a movie. The audience will come forward on 17th of this month. ”
Karthik and Rakul Preet Singh are the heroines in the film, Abhimanyu Singh, Bose Venkat, Scarlett Melissa Wilson and others. Camera: Satyan Suran, Music: Gibran, Art: K. Kadhir, Editor: Sivanandiswaraaran, Fights: Dilip Subbarayan, Dancing: Chorus, Producers: Umesh Gupta, Subhash Gupta, Executive Producer: KV Sridhar Reddy.