Ungarala Rambabu Movie Review -2/5

Cast: Sunil, Miya Goerge, Prakash Raj, Posani and others Vennela Kishore

Director: Kranthi Madhav

Music: Gibran

Banner: United Kireet Movies

Producer: Parachuri Kireeti


Actor Sunil, who has been facing flops repeatedly, is pinning hopes on upcoming film Ungarala Rambabu as a director is known for making unique content flicks. Even promotional trailers failed to impress, there is a hope on this film. Let’s us see what is all about Ungarala Rambabu.


Ram Babu (Sunil) loses all his wealth but he gets gold biscuits worth Rs 200 cr. immediately, he starts a travel business. As business is growing, Malayalam girl joins in his office and falls in love with him. Since Sunil believes astrology, she prepares a plan to love her.  Here the twist is that her father Nayar ( Prakash Raj) is a communist leader in her hometown who is completely against capitalism. In this situation how Sunil convinces Nayar and wins her love is the main theme.


Sunil as Ungarala Rambabu is decent and he did his part well. Miya George is okay but not up to the mark. Vennela Kishore is fine in his role. Prakash Raj’s character is superb and he did justice to the character, Rajeev Kanakala’s role is not so convincible.


Although Sunil has not been delivering hit films, this time, audiences have hope that Ungarala Rambabu will strike a chord as Kranthi Madhva has directed good films like Onamalu and Malli Malli Idi Rani Roju. But, Ungarala Rambabu has nothing to offer.

While watching the film, audiences don’t find trademark of Kranthi Madhav style of making. From beginning to end, it is the routine approach and nothing new. Especially, Dubai episode which is about 15 minutes tests audience patience. Audiences find no interesting scenes and there is no drama or comedy. It is tedious to watch routine drama for audiences.

Prakash Raj’s character is somehow better but scenes like searching for a dog in the forest is terrible. Kranthi Madhav, who made sensible films, has tried his hand at commercial film with Sunil but it went wrong. Finally, Sunil failed to deliver a hit.


The best thing in Ungarala Rambabu is camerawork by Sarvesh Murari. He did a fabulous job. Music is mediocre and editing is not so sharp. The script is half-baked and screenplay misfired at many scenes. The direction is okay. Production values are adequate.

Final Say:

Ungarala Rambabu has nothing to offer.