Varun Sandesh’s wife Vithika Sheri quashes suicide attempt rumors

Now and then fabricated news hit the headlines and we have experienced such baseless rumors many-a-time. Last night, a false suicide news has created havoc on social media about a recently married actress.

Going into details, Tollywood actor Varun Sandesh’s wife and actress Vithika Sheri had attempted suicide. But, she quashed the suicide rumors that have circulated on social media last night. The reports said that actress Vithika had attempted suicide due to unresolved issues between the couple.

But, the actress has rubbished the baseless rumors and said that both Varun and she are doing great. The young couple got married in August last year after their parents accepted their proposal regarding marriage. In fact, they are enjoying the marital bliss and leading life happily. On the career front, he is looking forward to signing films.

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