Veerabhadra Creations Production Number 2  new film


New hero Srikanth and heroine  Hemalatha (Bujji)’s  Veerabhadra Creations launched a new film in Hyderabad on Wednesday. Hemalatha Reddy is the producer. K. Govardhan Rao is directing. The multi-dimensional scene was clapped for this scene. Malakapuram Sivakumar, producer SriLarma, produced by Sarovaram, made the camera switched. Thummalapalli Ramasanthanarayana script was handed out. Ayodhyam Kumar directed the honor. After a press conference

The producer said, “Regular shooting starts from 20th of this month. Regular shooting takes place for 50-60 days. Soon we will be portrayed. We are the second film produced by Veerabhadra Creations. Andrei has done a movie in post-production works. ”

Bhanu Chandran said, “I have given a good roll. I’m doing a full length, rather than a guest. Hemalatha is doing very well. I will support this girl. ”

The director said, “Regular shooting at Amalapuram will be shot in Andhra and Telangana 50-60 days. Suman and Bhanu Shankar are helping us a lot. Our project is definitely hit. The producer is very good support. ”

Bhanu Chander, Suman, Sana, Kashi Vishwanath, Rajitha, Education Lata, Nihal, Venu, Mahesh, Phani, Raman and Vennela Kishore are playing other roles. The film is directed by: Hemalatha Reddy, screenplay and direction: K Govardhan Rao, Music: Raman Rathod, Photography: Prasad Edera (Shankar Kumar), Editing: Nagireddy V, Words: Karan Gopini, Story: Veerabhadra Creations.