Venkatapuram Movie Review – 3/5

Cast: Rahul, Mahima Makwana, Ajay Ghosh, Ajay and Jogi Naidu

Director: Venu Madikanti

Music: Achu Rajamani

Producers: Thumu Phani Kumar and Shreyas Sriniwaas


Anand (Rahul) works as a pizza delivery guy. One fine day, he happens to meet Chaitra (Mahima) and his lifestyle is changed completely. As things are going smoothly, Anand life leads into a difficult situation that is messed up with unexpected things by involving  Chaitra’s murder. Why does it happen and how he is dragged into murder and how he comes out of the murder is the rest of the story.


Rahul did a great job and it is definitely successful comeback for him. He can grab more opportunities this time as his performances reached peaks to entertain film buffs.

Mahima might be new to face the camera but her performance is good enough to get an identity in Tollywood. She is superb in her role and impressed audiences. There are bright chances to grab more chances.

Kasi Viswanath as a heroine’s father is neat and Ajay Ghosh is a major asset for the film. His contribution is noteworthy for this film. Jogi Naidu’s restrained role is impressive and rest of the actors played well.


Director’s presentation is good enough and he tries to hide the main plot to create suspense. Every scene is gripping to watch on the big screen. A tiny and simple scene has been shown in a great way with the brilliant screenplay. Although it is a debut movie for the director, his directorial skills are appreciable. There are many surprises and twists to entertain audiences. From the beginning to end, there are many interesting elements to engage the audiences to wide open the eye to pay attention. It shows the caliber of director and beauty of screenplay.

When it comes to the first half, there is nothing to reveal but the director made the audiences to watch it with great suspense and during interval band, the story moves forward and raises the curiosity and drive the audiences crazy with its content. There is a little drawback is that first half is a bit dragging. However, it is an interesting and appealing to all sections of audiences.

Technical aspects:

The direction of photography is truly amazing as he captured every scene to have a feeling of wonderful visual effect. The direction is up to the mark and editing is sharp by Madhu. Music is the major asset for the film as he maintained good tempo till the end card. Production values by Thumu Phani Kumar and Shreyas Sriniwaas are rich.

Final Say:

Venkatapuram is a good film from a brilliant team. The movie has everything like refreshing music, engaging story, convincing narration, good photography and top-notch direction.