Superstar Rajinikanth, Great Director Shankar’s Magnum Opus ‘2.0’ Produced by Subhashkaran under his Lyca Productions banner as the most expensive film India has ever produced with a mammoth budget of 600 crores is all set to storm the screens worldwide in many languages on November 29. More than 3000 VFX technicians and 1000 VFX experts gave their best to make this film a visual wonder with 2150 VFX shots. Making of the film, Trailer, Song has been screened in 3D at Hyderabad on Nov 18. ‘2.0’ is the first Indian Film which has been made with full fledged 3D technology and 4D sound. Telugu version of this film is being released by popular Producer NV Prasad in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana states through hi NVR Cinema banner. Songs and Trailer recieved terrific response and are continuously trending in social media since their release.
Superstar Rajinikanth says, ” ‘2.0’ which has been made as a visual wonder will release worldwide on November 29. Shankar has made this film extraordinarily with a superb message. With this film. indian Cinema will rise to International standard. Shankar is the man behind this extra-ordinary output. But firstly I need to appreciate Producer Subaskaran. It is his passion towards the cinema drove us to make this film on an epic scale. Many technicians worked hard for day and night to make this film possible. I am also eagerly waiting for the release.”
Great Director Shankar says, ” ‘2.0’ is my third film with Superstar Rajinikanth Garu. This is an out & out Action Thriller Entertainer. This is beyond cinema, audience undergoes to new kind of experience with 3D taking and 4D sounding. Rahman and Resul Pookutty introduced new kind of technology in sound with this film. We have proved that we can make a film with such advanced technology. This film wouldn’t have possible without Producer Subaskaran. No one can make an Indian film with such a huge budget. Due to the support of Subhashkaran and dedication of Superstar Rajinikanth we are about to provide a unique experience to audience from November 29.”
Oscar Winner AR Rahman says, ” It’s a great experience to compose music for ‘2.0’. It’s like an experience we gain working for 8 films. We are introducing 4D sounding technology with this film. We worked very hard for re-recording. Many technicians from all over the world worked very hard. Audience will feel a never befor experience on November 29.”