What’s wrong with you, Taapsi?

Actress Taapsi Pannu who shot to fame in Telugu films has shifted her base to Mumbai and scored a couple of hits. The film industry is a not cake walk for anybody but the actress was thinking that Bollywood will show her career path more than Telugu industry. While she was interacting with media, she made derogaroty comments on senior director K Raghavendra Rao’s making style.

People who were sitting along with her during the interaction was laughing while she was making comments. After getting one or two hits, she thought that Bollywood filmmakers are much better than Tollywood and she felt like Bollywood is her fort for a film career. The fact is that industry is same anywhere. If there is no success, there will not be any offers for actors. She is missing out the logic and making comments on such senior director who delivered smash hits for many actors in Telugu and Hindi languages. If you are wise enough, prove your skills but never comment anyone. It shows your immaturity.